Our Vision
A South Africa where potential finds opportunity.

Our Mission
StudyTrust joins forces with selected young people who are determined to become winners and assists them to empower themselves through further education and training in the struggle against poverty, ignorance and exploitation.

Our Goals
South Africa has a profusion of capable, motivated young people, whose only avenue out of generational poverty is education and training. Our goals are to:
    Find these individuals
    Fund their studies at the universities, universities of technologies, agricultural colleges, and TVET colleges of their choice
    Build a community of support around them throughout the duration of their academic careers
    Facilitate their transition into the world of work

The need for educational financial assistance in the country far exceeds our resources. With the support we provide our students, we aim to contribute to efforts that work to build a South African society that reflects the true potential, aspiration, and dignity of those individuals that continue to live in the dearth that was created by apartheid.

As StudyTrust, we are hardly a sliver of light in the transformation project, barely a crack.
However, South Africa is a deeply communal society. When professional employment opportunity dawns on one graduate, he or she shares that light with numerous others. Directly, and indirectly more people get to bask in their birth right, their own place under the sun.
This is how we strengthen and safe-guard our democracy.