ServicesWe have more than 40 years’ experience of bursary management and administration. This entails contracting, accurate and efficient disbursements, and academic progress monitoring and reporting. We utilise a sophisticated administration platform that enables us to control funding and report to investors in accordance with their specific objectives.


Contracting follows recruitment and selection. Once a list of successful candidates is communicated to StudyTrust, the contracting process commences. Successful candidates are issued with bursary allocation letters that are accepted for registration by tertiary institutions. StudyTrust has excellent relationships with all tertiary academic institutions and this bursary confirmation letter, when submitted at registration, take care of deposits.  Once a bursary is accepted online and the signed contract and other documents submitted, payments may proceed in accordance to the study-related cost budget as approved by the investor and communicated to the student upon allocation of the bursary.

StudyTrust utilises a sophisticated, reliable and cost-effective payment system that is used to disburse bursary monies in accordance with budgets approved by investors. StudyTrust follows a policy of only paying monthly living allowances directly into students’ bank accounts. All other payments are done directly to the service provider upon submission of the requisite documentation (e.g. pro forma invoices from bookstores and signed lease agreements from rental agencies for students making use of private accommodation).

Payment administration by StudyTrust is quick, reliable and happens in accordance with the strictest accounting policies. Our philosophy is that mentoring and student support starts with giving students an excellent bursary disbursement service.

Collection and interpretation of test and examination results
Academic progress monitoring is the second pillar upon which bursary administration rests. Our bursary management system allows for a link to be sent to students for the capturing of their latest results.

We expect students to upload their first test results in March, their June examination or progress results in July, their second semester test results in September and their final results in December/January. The results are interpreted in terms of the StudyTrust Response To Intervention framework.

Reports on bursary students’ progress
StudyTrust maintains a database where the relevant biographical, demographic, academic, mentoring support, financial and employment tracking information is captured and an export of data can be made as required.

Based on the stringent payment administration regime and accurate biographical and demographical data, StudyTrust issues certificates for BEE verification purposes, as well as all the requisite supporting documents.